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MovieFwords is simply a place to keep track of the number of times the word 'fuck' has ever been uttered in a movie or show broken down by actor. Ever wanted to know if your favorite actor has sworn? Then this is the place to start! Feel free to browse the current database by either last name or movie title.

We currently are at 1,358,891 total fucks accounted for so far as well as over 500 titles listed...

Updated: 03.25.22

Recent additions:

  551  Uncut Gems
  306  Free Fire
  244  Wheelman
    67  Jexi
    28  Joker
  198  Jay & Silent Bob Reboot
    66  Simple Favor
    39  Bad Mom's Christmas
  158  Irishman
  170  Dolemite Is My Name

Top 9 Fucking Actors:

6684 Robb Wells
2614 Mike Smith
2113 James Rolfe
1771 John Paul Tremblay
1629 James Gandolfini
1586 Danny McBride
1240 Katt Williams
1114 Ian McShane
1034 Jennifer Carpenter

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